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Sets of calibrated gauges BALTECH FG (Feeler Gauge) are made of hardened, stainless steel or brass.
The measuring probes are designed to measure clearances in different areas, for example, for motors, adjustment of valve clearances, radial clearance and bearings when working on the alignment equipment (the definition of the disclosure of the coupling halves or the exact definition of a "soft foot").
Sets of precision gauges BALTECH FG-201, BALTECH FG-202, BALTECH FG-203, BALTECH FG-204, BALTECH FG-205, BALTECH FG-206 are supplied in length L=75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 500mm, 1000mm.

It is possible to supply strips with a thickness of 0.01 to 2.0 mm for the manufacture of probes and probe measuring a single order (with holder).

Form of the measuring probe can have a cylindrical or conical shape.

The advantages of using a set of probes (the probe):

  • • easy to use;
  • • high accuracy of measurements;
  • • the thickness is marked on each plate in mm and inch.

A set of feeler gauges BALTECH FG - standard calibers, which represent a grooved plate of a certain thickness.
The probe is used to control the gap between the planes or forming a curvilinear shape.
The measuring probes need to measure very small distances (for example, slightly thicker than a sheet of paper). The probe may be flat or wedge.

The probe can be produced in the form of sets of plates of different thickness in the same cage. The probe is used separately or in various combinations.

Measurements are made on the principle of "pass – not pass". In the measured gap enter one after the other plates included in the set of probes, until the moment at which one of the plates barely enters into the gap, and the next is not included. Wedge a feeler gauge gently inserted into the gap until then, until it stops, then read found on the front surface of the probe and its thickness.


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BALTECH FG - sets of test leads, a thickness for the bearingBALTECH FG - sets of test leads, a thickness for the bearing

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